CRAMPS "The Band That Time Forgot" 7" (GREEN vinyl)

[D CRATIME] CRAMPS "The Band That Time Forgot" 7"
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This EP features a bonafide lost Cramps track (“The Band That Time Forgot”) that was written during their height of absolute excellence during the summer of 1979. Originally considered for their debut album “Songs the Lord Taught Us”, this track was shelved for an unknown reason and was never used. The only known live recording of this track comes from a red hot live set captured at CBGB during August ’79 and is included on this 7” EP along with these Cramps classics: “Twist and Shout”, “The Way I Walk”, “Domino”, & “Human Fly”. Features superb sound quality taken straight from the CBGB soundboard. This is an absolute must for any Cramps fan!