RUDY RAY MOORE "Step It Up And Go" 10" (RED vinyl)

[D CTP3170] RUDY RAY MOORE "Step It Up And Go" 10" (RED vinyl)
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Crashing every party with ten early R&B tunes from our hero Rudy Ray Moore-- on a ten inch red wax souvenir platter deluxe! Catch it while you can! Rudy storms and sashays through his signature early sides, well before his Dolemite persona took the comedy and rated-X motion picture world by storm. Dig it on the brand new Crashing The Party record label! Step It Up And Go/ Ring-A-Ling Dong/ Hurts Me To My Heart/ The Buggy Ride/ Rally In The Valley/ I'm Mad With You/ Robbie Dobbie/ Ballad Of A Boy And Girl/ Whatcha Gonna Do/ I'll Be Home To See You Tomorrow + ye olde Dolphin's Record Shop radio ad! (Crashing The Party)