VARIOUS - Saints and Sinners Vol. 2 LP

[DW SHEIK502] VARIOUS - Saints and Sinners Vol. 2 LP

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VARIOUS - Saints and Sinners Vol. 2 LP

Great series of Rock'N'Roll comps spaning the R'N'R spectrum from Primitive Rockabilly & Blues Bop to Wild R&B and Early 60's Rockers. Nice full colour sleeves with label shots and info on the back. Chunky 180gram pressing too.......

Neil Darrow - She's A Fine Chick
Wibby Lee - I'm Lost Without Your Love
Jimmy Walls - Look At Me Eyes
Johnny Bond - Five Minute Love Affair
Little Walter - It Ain't Right
Hannah Dean - Itty Bitty Love
Johnny Spain - I'm In Love
Bob Gallion - Start All Over

The Fames - The Hoochi Coochi Coo
Benny Banta - Cry Little Girlie
Ronnie Love - Chills & Fever
Little Sonny - Back...Shack...Track
Elmore James - Cry For Me Baby
Chuck Nix - Sixteen
Dick Miller - Now I'm Gone
Gary Shelton - Yours Till I Die